About Oh So Clean

What Makes Oh So Clean an Innovative Car Wash Experience?

We are a family-owned and operated business providing a top-quality, immersive experience for our community. Our family has been washing cars in the Central Valley for over 50 years, and we’re very excited to introduce a new, affordable, eco-friendly wash to our community. We take pride in adhering to WaterSavers® eco standards and in our industry-leading water reclamation system which allows our facility to recycle over 90% of its water. Our materials and chemicals are also environmentally conscious leading standards in the industry. Not only are we a Hanford Chamber Member, but we are one of the few water savers car wash companies in town. Looking for a full-service car wash near me? Look no further than Oh So Clean. 

Our car wash provides an exceptionally clean vehicle for every wash.

Lifted truck? No problem! Our 8ft tunnel clearance allows us to wash most large vehicles.

It’s quick and simple – an Oh So Clean car in less than 5 minutes. Don’t forget the free vacuums!

We think green. We use environmentally friendly and sustainable technology that allows us to recycle over 90% of its water, along with other sustainable chemicals and materials.

Oh So Clean is family owned and operated, and we are proud supporters of our local community. We alsways strive to use only American made technology for our car washes.

We use a Lammscloth™ Autohandwash technology that simulates a true hand washing, as it was created specifically for cleaning without damaging clear coats or paint finishes.

Our Unique and Sparkling Wash Technology

At Oh So Clean, we’re passionate about leaving your vehicle spotless, so we sought out the gentlest materials to wash your ride. Our wash equipment utilizes NS Wash System’s Eco 7, which boasts a hybrid combination of wrap-around roto mitters. Oh So Clean Car Wash is also the first professional car wash in California to use the patented new Eco Motion Foam, a fundamentally different wash movement that allows for only the softest encounters. This, coupled with the ultra-soft, patented Lammscloth™ Autohandwash technology, will deliver an unparalleled wash experience every time.

Perfect Shine Without Dullness or Damage

Packed with soft, razor-thin strands, our wash equipment effortlessly reaches every nook and cranny without absorbing any dirty water or grime from previous washes. Our patented Lammscloth Autohandwash equipment was proven by DuPont TM Performance Coatings tests to provide the safest, longest lasting shine in the wash industry. This expertly designed wash technology provides an impressive deep clean without dulling or damaging paint- because beauty shouldn’t equal pain. Our customers should feel comfortable washing their vehicle with us knowing it won’t be whipped around with harsh brushes like the other guys’ use.

A Revolutionary Deeper Clean at the Microscopic Level

At Oh So Clean Car Wash, we’ve revolutionized the wash experience by setting new quality standards. By using durable, versatile products like patented Lammscloth technology and the patented new Eco Motion Foam, we’ll deliver an unparalleled car wash experience to every customer. Seriously, our wash is so incredible, we guarantee that you'll have an Oh So Fun time!